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MATC 4000 Series Traffic Controller

The MATC 4000 Series Traffic Controllers regulates the traffic flow through an intersection in a sequentially systematic and optimised manner. Hence, it provides increased safety for the road users, minimizes wait time and greatly reduces the possibility of mishaps.

Waiting periods not only can be a delaying factor, but also results in reduced traffic throughput at the intersection. Hence, resulting in unnecessary traffic built-up.

PPK Technology recognizes the negative impact of unnecessary waiting period and has undertaken the study existing systems installed around Malaysia and worldwide in order to design and provide the most efficient , reliable and cost effective solution. As a result of indigenous R&D efforts, we are able to offer a complete solution for an innovative and intelligent traffic controller (hardware and software) that incorporates vehicle actuation, the ability to be linked to a MITS Centralised Monitoring System, interfaced to vehicle adaptive countdowns, programmable skip phase capabilities, transient protection, green conflict detector and green wave links and so much more.

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