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MATC Pedestrian Controller
The MATC Pedestrian Controller has been designed in response to the increasing number of accidents among pedestrians. The design of the system is flexible and can be operated automatically or manually subject to the requirements. Arrival rates of vehicles are occasionally low or random and as a result, pedestrians experience undue delay waiting for a vehicular indication to turn to green. Green indications for the pedestrian are too short to allow a pedestrian to safely cross a wide road or the pedestrian is unaware of how much time is left for him to cross. Pedestrians may get trapped on medians, islands or dividers in the midst of this confusion.

Maximum Safety Features Incorporated
The MATC Pedestrian Controller consists of a walking human figure and the countdown display. The green walking figure displays 8 graphics or more sequentially. Due to the nature of the human eye, the figure appears walking. The animation of this human figure has two walking speeds, fast and slow. When the pedestrian aspect signal starts to flash, it walks at a higher speed indicating the green time is almost finishing. As soon as the pedestrian green initializes, the yellow countdown display starts to decrement toward zero. During night time, if the traffic light aspect signal is switched to amber flashing, the pedestrian controller is synchronized to the control signal.

Maximum Safety Features Incorporated
• Amber count down with  pedestrian Green Symbol 
• Red “Standing Man” symbol
• Flashing Red “Standing Man” while awaiting Green (Push   Button activated)
• Green “Walking Man” symbol
• Green “Walking Man” moving figure
• On-demand sequence activation
• Operational hours programmable
• Manual control for Green time extension for special occasion
• Ideal for school children crossing
• Audible sound on Green (optional)
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