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Here are the list of PPK equipment brochures for downloading:

Section A : Traffic Control System Equipments
A1. MATC 4000 Series Traffic Controllers - Download
A2. MATC Pedestrian Controller - Download
A3. MATC UPS - Download
A4. LED Traffic Signal Aspects - Download
A5. MATC Mini Controller - Download
A6. Digital Vehicle Countdown System - Download
A7. Greenwave Linking System - Download
A8. Traffic Controller SMS Alert System - Download
A9. Malaysian Intelligent Traffic System (MITS) - Download
Section B : Control & SCADA system
B1. Automatic School Bell System - Download
B2. Access Control System - Download
B3. Lighting Control SCADA System - Download
B4. Genset SCADA System - Download
Section C : Security & Surveillance
C1. Perimeter Security System - Download
C2. Intelligent CCTV Monitoring System - Download
C3. Electronic Weapon Control System - Download
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